Milano - ITALIA
Bilbao - SPAGNA

Sviluppo di nuovi adiuvanti vaccinali

Mohammed Monsoor Shaik


Biotecnologie e Bioscienze


Development of new molecules and formualtions to be used as vaccine adjuvants. The project draws on
the many years of experience of the group of A. Fernandez-Tejada at the CIC bioGUNE Institute in
Bilbao in the development of saponin based adjuvants, and the skills of the group of Francesco Peri of
University of Milan-Bicocca in the synthesis of molecules capable of stimulating the TLR4 receptors of
innate immunity that are considered fundamental targets in the activity of adjuvants. This project will
combine both the MPLA based TLR4 agonists and Saponin based QS-21 variants in liposomal formulations
similar to that of the clinically approved adjuvant system AS-01.