Bioinorganic hybrid bacteriophage for specific antibacterial activity in the modulation of intestinal microbiota

Messina - ITALIA
Parigi - FRANCIA

Laura Maria De Plano


Scienze Chimiche, Biologiche, Farmaceutiche ed Ambientali


Phage display technology hassuccessfully been established for discovery of epitope/mimotope peptides against pathogenic bacteria. The project will use engineered phages for the development of phage biohybrid complexes with nanostructured systems (i.e. nanoparticles) for new agents against bacteria diseases. The project will evaluate this approach against different bacterial species with a specific focus on establishing its efficiency, specificity and safety. The project includes (i) selection of M13 clones by phage-display technology with ability to selectively and specifically bind to molecular target of bacterial cell; ii) functionalization of the most responsive phage clones with antibacterial nano-materials; iii) in vitro bactericidal evaluation of the phage biohybrid system.